Who is the best singing , Neha Kakkar or Shreya Ghoshal ?

I think both the singers are good and I like both of their songs. But if you ask about my personal opinion about whose songs and voice I like the most, I would say it’s Shreya Ghoshal. Reason? Her voice. And the type of music she chooses to sing. I just love the song Deewani Mastani by Shreya Ghoshal. It was awesome from my my opinion. And…wait…all her songs are awesome. And the way she expresses them with emotions and her sweet voice is just incredible. She perfectly matches the type of song she sings. I just love her voice.

But as I said earlier, these are just my opinions and I like both of them. My praising her voice and music I did not mean to say that Neha Kakkar’s music and voice is not good. It’s good off course. And I like her songs too. It’s just that I like Shreya Ghoshal’s music and voice more. It’s just my personal opinion. I’m not an expert. So I might not have been that explanative with praising her voice and music. I just answered based on what I feel and like more. It might also not match with your likings. Feel free to comment. Hope I was able to answer you. Have a good day!

 –Debjani Maitra

Don’t compare them. Both of them are good. But most of them are saying Shreya Ghosal. Neha Kakkar is also outstanding. I do love her. Shreya has been many years in industry. And even now she has completed 10 years in industry. No doubt she is a good singer. But Neha she has done great in this short time. She has won so many people heart in this very short time. Obviously she has struggled a lot and came in this position. And if she wasn’t good singer why would music directors would offer her songs. And if you don’t like her then why you guys watches her songs and increases the views. If you don’t like her then just ignore her, don’t listen her songs. It’s just you guys are jealous of her but we love you Nehu ma’am.

– Saru Shan




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